Cloud Computing for Photogrammetric Reconstruction


Θα'ρθεις σαν αστραπ

An expert of failure.

Guitar beginner recently.

Soon will be another traveler who has lost his life.

About Skill

May,2018,started programming,with Python

June,2018,Addicted to learning C++

July,2018,coding contest on codeforces first time

April,2019,became a follower of Vim

March,2020,passed 13 exams in semester WS19/20

June,2020,became interested in computer vision and graphics

December,2020,started learning DevOps, Docker&K8s

January,2021,developed some app for HoloLens, Android in mixed reality

May,2021,started black-box learning method in frontend

Now, planning to change subject to SLAM, human body/pose reconstruction

About furture...

Keeping learning new things in various areas

Aspire to become a full stack developer

  • 2019-2021

    TU Chemnitz

    Degree:B.Sc. Computer Science

    5 semesters

    GPA: not high

    Research Project: Application for Microsoft HoloLens

    Bachelor Thesis: Area of Photogrammetric Reconstruction

  • 2021-Now

    RWTH Aachen

    Pursued degree: M.Sc. Computer Science

    Hope could find some interesting project

    Graduate in 2-3 semesters if possible :)

  • 2014.3-2018.4

    Lost the way

    Did nothing

    Uncertain future

  • Future


Something Of Hobby

  • Programming



    Like programming, coding contest, not too hard one


  • ACG


    Rance series yyds, 天下第一

    P5R yyds, 天下第一

  • History




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